• Domestica
    American Standard Ale

    Domestica is inspired by the roots of American brewing and is a great introduction to craft beer. The crispness of the malt bill, low bitterness from the European style hops, and a slightly higher carbonation draws similarities to American Light Lagers.

    ABV: 4.9
    IBU: 11
    SRM: 4
    Glassware: Pint Glass
  • Dear You

    Dear You is not a typical saison. The french yeast provides a drier and earthier flavor than sweeter and fruitier Belgian styles. Acidulated malt gives the beer a tartness while the white wheat provides a hazy and pale appearance. At our microbrewery Denver, we use American Citra hops for both brewing and dry hopping to provide an aroma similar to a pale or india pale ale.

    ABV: 5.5
    IBU: 25
    SRM: 3.5
    Glassware: Munique Footed Glass
  • Hold Steady
    Chocolate Rye Scotch Ale

    Our dark scotch ale is a smooth drinker that carries chocolate and a subtle smokiness. Esters of raisin and dark fruit are alive throughout while ending with a mild sweetness. Complex, yet approachable, Hold Steady is our most robust flagship offering at our Denver microbrewery.

    ABV: 7.5
    IBU: 27
    SRM: 29
    Glassware: Belgian Footed Glass
  • Antidote
    Pale Ale

    Our brewers have California roots so it was a no brainer to create a West Coast style IPA. We dry hop Antidote with massive amounts of Centennial and Mandarina Bavaria hops to produce a dry and bitter initial taste, and finishes with a clean, crispy malt backbone, making it one of the best microbrews in Denver.

    ABV: 7.0
    IBU: 69
    SRM: 5.5
    Glassware: Pint Glass
  • Repeater
    Pale Ale

    Repeater is right in between a pale and an india pale ale. As a micro brewery Denver, we use the slightly roastier Munich II malt which is found in many German beers, including Oktoberfests, to balance the hop additions and make for a more appealing option if you’re not into bitter IPAs or are looking for a bit more than a pale ale.

    ABV: 6.1
    IBU: 50
    SRM: 7
    Glassware: Pint Glass
We learned to drink on tour, we learned to brew in Germany
Learn about our microbrewery Denver

In many ways, Ratio started in the punk scene back in the late 90’s. We cut our teeth by touring, playing out, creating zines, and working at labels. That DIY mindset prepared us for the challenges of creating and sharing our passions on our own terms. Over the years that energy has been channeled into brewing, learning the craft in Germany and honing our skills at some of the most respected breweries in Colorado. After moving on to successful careers in brewing, marketing, and finance; we have teamed up again for our most ambitious project yet - Ratio Beerworks, a Denver micro brewery.

State of the Art Micro Brewery Denver

With a state of the art 20 barrel system, our Denver microbrewery has more than enough beer to go around. And the tap room will be as eclectic as the community that it’s built to support. The scene at Ratio is all about beer, but our art and music programs will ensure all of the senses are stimulated.

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2920 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
SUN-THU: 12PM - 11PM
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